How to Properly Raise an Aloe Vera Plant

>> Monday, August 30, 2010

It is very easy to grow aloe vera since you can even cultivate it indoors. By growing it inside of your home, you can enjoy its medicinal gel for the whole year since its growth will not be affected by the changing weather outside. It can also bounce back from neglect that would kill any other plant. It also makes an excellent contrast to other house plants like spider plants and ferns.

Materials Needed In Growing An Aloe Vera Plant

The materials needed are pot with a drain hole, cactus potting mix, a sunny area and marbles or pot pieces.

Steps In Cultivating Aloe Vera

Remember to pick aloe vera that possesses firm and healthy leaves. Repot each plant during spring. They can also develop rapidly during months that have warm weather. Use a loose soil for the plants. A cactus plant potting mixture (which is made of two parts sand and one part potting soil) will do wonders. Do not forget to choose a plant pot with an excellent drainage. Fill it one-third full of pebbles or shards. Fill the pot plant with two-thirds full of potting and place the plant.

You can now cover the aloe vera with soil. Carefully remove any bumps in the soil. Water the plan and place it in a sunny area of your home. Windows in the southern part of your residence receives a lot of sunlight and can provide the warmth that your plant needs. Remember to water your plant during summer only when it gets really dry.

Keep an eye on the soil and wait until the soil begins to draw away from the plant pot's side before you water it. Aloe vera does not need a lot of water during cold months. You can water it once every 2-3 weeks. You can use the leaves of the plant for burns by cutting a portion of the plant to lengthwise. Carefully remove the leaf to reveal the medicinal gel.

Additional Tips

For optimum results, place the plant outdoors for a few times during late summer and spring each year. Carefully introduce it to the environment outside of your home by putting in a shaded spot for a few hours during a good day.

You can increase the plant's time outdoor seven to ten days a week. Remember that if you place the plant during summer outside of your residence, bring it inside before the onset of winter. Do not place the plant in too much water since its roots can easily rot.

Should the plant be unfortunately exposed to cold weather, do not immediately discard it without giving it an opportunity to live. The leaves of the aloe vera may begin to wilt and then die off but if the affected portion is not too big, new leaves will begin to grow from its base. It will be unsightly for quite some time but there is a big chance that it will survive and flourish again.


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