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Beautiful Flower

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Beauty of Nature

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Tips for Photographing Animals

>> Saturday, April 5, 2008

You can't pose undomesticated animals per say, but you can capture the moment―even if it looks like you posed them. Much of the same principles apply towards photographing animals as it does towards humans. Keep these basic principles in mind as you photograph animals:

1) Eye contact is important, but not always necessary. In some instances, a pose with eye contact from an animal works. In my opinion, this type of pose is equivalent to a traditional, formal portraiture. When the pose works, the body position is natural and shows the full-body.

2) The surrounding setting is important too. If there are a couple of background textures and tones which complement the animal and setting, this would be perfect! In this way, the animal and setting (the background) contain visual unity.

3) The camera's flash fills in shadows and enhances the appearance of humans, as well as animals. Take a fill flash photograph and look for the shadows on and around the animal's body. Now, take another photograph without the flash. Without the flash, part of the animal’s face is darkened and the shadows are not as pleasing to the eye. The shadows tell us about the form and shape of an object. Normally though, shadows can add beauty to forms.

4) Viewpoint perspectives can make or break a photograph. Sometimes, shooting down on an animal works and other times not. Photographers have to make needed adjustments for each situation. While maintaining eye contact with an animal, just as with people, the animal should not be straining his or her neck to look at you (or the camera). Make sure the pose of the animal is not disturbing to look at. The animal should look true to form and natural.

Basically, make sure the animal looks content and relaxed. Watch your background too. Sometimes, all you have to do is move to the side a few steps to get that memorable shot!


Nature Wallpapers - Best Stress Busters

>> Friday, April 4, 2008

All city dwellers miss the enchanting nature. The waterfalls, the rivers, the lovely flower fields, the mountain ranges, these all are a treat for the tired eyes. After we go to nature, we feel very peaceful and calm. Our disturbances of mind slow down. Today, most of the stressed workers are looking for anti stress treatments. What can be a better stress buster than nature?

How Nature wallpapers are great stress busters - Our eyes, ears, touch and other senses directly affect our mood. When we view a lovely sight, our mind becomes positive and the state of the mind changes. Try this experiment. Watch some very dirty sight and note the state of your mind. Now watch a beautiful sight and note the change in your state. You will find a sudden change for the better. Nature wallpapers can help us bring these changes fast.

Nature Wallpapers are full of variety- you will get a huge variety in nature wallpapers. You will get scenes of beaches, clouds, countryside, deserts, flowers, lakes & seas, landscapes, mountains, panoramas, plants & trees, rivers & streams, sunsets, and waterfalls. In each of these topics, you will get to choose from dozens of wallpapers. Imagine of the variety available?

Sizes - You will get free nature wallpapers in sizes suitable for most of the monitor sizes. Download one that fits your monitor.

Cost - Some websites offer free nature wallpapers while most of the websites charge money. Select from free websites. You will get a great collection free.

Precautions while downloading - Avoid adware and spyware. Don’t download exe. files. Download lightweight wallpapers and enjoy. Nature wallpapers area lovely sight to watch. You can also send your selection to your friends and family. Enjoy with these free downloads.


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